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Fly Tipping in Sunderland

via (Sunderland Echo)

Sunderland Echo wrote an article regarding fly tipping in Sunderland back streets, and blaming scrap men, and waste carriers !

Unfortunately, you may find that unlicensed waste carriers, would often knock on someones door, saying that they would take their waste away for only £20.00, because it would cost them more than double - to tip waste in a fully licensed waste transfer station!

We would just like to say that on behalf, and in support of all legitimately licensed waste carriers in the Sunderland and Seaham geographical areas, that Dun-N-Dusted - Rubbish Removals N/E, tip their waste side by side with Sunderland Refuse vehicles in Sunderland, where the waste is sorted, recycled, reused, or donated to charity, saving waste streams going to land-fill by 90%

As a fully licensed waste carrier, we have all the legal licenses with each driver.

Our service is an alternative to hiring a skip.

For more information on our services please visit us at: -

To Book our services Call our team on FREE-PHONE 0800 756 3208

Mobile: 0795 555 8563

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