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Asbestos Services

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Waste Disposal - Dun-N-Dusted
HAZARD Waste Disposal - Dun-N-Dusted
Licenced Waste Carrier - Dun-N-Dusted
Licenced Waste Carrier - Dun-N-Dusted
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Dun n Dusted Rubbish Removal N/E

Asbestos  Collection  Service :       
We are the North East's leading asbestos disposal Specialist's.

Fully licensed and Insured waste carrier company with a great deal of experience in the safe removal of this problematic mineral . The tradesman's choice for a simple , quick and compliant hazardous waste collection solution to disposing of your asbestos waste .

Our company provide you with all the legal paper work  compliant with all regulations . we will register your premises so that your hazardous waste consignment note is only assigned to your property and post code .  Our disposal vehicle will only arrive when your collection is ready for pick up of your asbestos waste . You will find that this service can save you pounds on the cost of hiring a skip - and it's all a hassle free service with all the legal paper work done for you . After the disposal of your hazardous waste we will then post your consignment note to your premises of collection . you are required to keep your paperwork by law for 3 years after the disposal of your waste .  

For more information on this service Call us Today  Free on  0800 756 3208   or  email:

Asbestos Removal - Dun-N-Dusted

Worried About Asbestos?   We have over 7 years hands on experience in the removal of Bonded Asbestos and Corrugated Asbestos cement roofs, providing an asbestos removal service tailored to your need's.

We are fully licensed, Insured  and offer our services to domestic and commercial customers such as private landlord's, Estate agents, housing associations and local Authorities amongst others. We offer free estimates and our service promises guaranteed peace of mind as we are dedicated to environmentally friendly practices.

We can help dispose of the following hazardous wastes:

  • In The Removal of Bonded & Cement Asbestos

  • Asbestos Collection If Double Bagged Removal

  • Asbestos Car Garages , Sheds , Corrugated Roofs , Flues , ect

  • Asbestos Collections Throughout The North East 

  • All work of None Licensed Asbestos

  • Fully Licensed Waste Carrier to Transport

To be the fastest and most reliable waste clearance company in the Northeast area we serve whilst also being extremely professional and competitive.

If you require assistance with disposing of your Asbestos waste , give us a call today. 

0795 555 8563 .. or  email us for more information .


Any asbestos product or material that is ready for disposal is defined as Asbestos waste .. &  Asbestos waste also includes contaminated building materials , tools which are unable to be decontaminated personal protective equipment and and damp rags used for cleaning . We strongly recommend in doubt always treat the waste ! As Hazardous ! and Transported by a registered waste carrier to the Licensed landfill resource facility with your asbestos code & information visible .

Environment Agency License Number -

CBDU69952        CBDU143182

The Mesothelioma Centre provides the most up to date information regarding asbestos related diseases.
The disease is characterized by a long time between initial asbestos exposure and when its symptoms show up 50 years later 

Find out more at 

The Mesothelioma Centre - Asbestos

Hernia Mesh Complication 

Asbestos Certificate for Dun-N-Dusted Rubbish Removals NE
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