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Waste Collection For Businesses : Everything you need to know

Business waste collection - Waste collection for businesses can be a lot more trickier than simply throwing you’re waste into bags then calling it a day. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll need a specialist.

Business waste collection services like ourselves that can handle the type’s of waste that the average businesses produces. Plus, as businesses and individuals increasingly start to think about sustainably, it’s becoming more important for retail offices and shop waste collections, to be managed in a responsible and reliable way.

Everything you need to know about our cost, effective business waste collection services, and how to achieve it is here.

Dun N Dusted is a reliable business waste collection service, and also caters for collecting domestic household waste for the general public. If you’re after one of the best business waste collection services in North East Durham and Tyne and Wear area, then look no further than Dun N Dusted.

We work with hundreds of businesses across Durham & Tyne and Wear each day, and in our dealings, we almost always find that businesses value our efficiency and reliability - In short, they always want us to return.

When we say we will return, we always take responsibility for their waste, making sure that it is dealt with in a responsible and efficient manner, once it has left their premises. That’s why we offer a guaranteed 2 hour pick-up slot across all of our services.

Whether you’re enquiring about our truck service pricing – i.e Wait and Load, or something a little more industrial – we’ll always turn up when we say we will.

This reliability plays a key role in keeping the day–to–day operations of businesses running smoothly throughout the North East.

Responsible business waste collection services –

Businesses are now under increasing pressure from their customers to ensure their day–to-day operations and waste clearance policies are responsible.

Sustainable and Environmentally friendly, as well as the obvious PR benefits to this – it’s also financially preferable to do so, due to taxes levied on unsustainable business practices like the landfill tax, and if your business works with Hazardous waste, then waste collection becomes even more difficult .

As a Guarantee here at Dun N Dusted, with all our business waste collection services, we’ll manage your waste in the most responsible way possible ,

Currently, we divert over 90% of the waste clearance we handle through our waste facility – they process from going to landfill, and we’re constantly working to improve this figure.

Dedicated Waste Clearance

We’ve got a team of dynamic workers who are capable of adapting to the needs of your business or sector . And what’s more , we’ll pretty much take any kind of waste that you can think of.

Sound Good To You?

To make an Inquiry – We can help . Tel. 0191 5811 004 or Email us at email :

Our Vehicles are 3.5 tones - Luton Closed in – High Side Caged & A Wheelie bin Truck .

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