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Calling All Landlords and Property Owners

A common site for Landlords and Property Owners is the bin store or back Yard that’s been used as a fly-tip

Perhaps the tenants have used it to dump all sorts of junk that the local council will not remove or passers-by find it’s a convenient location to dispose of their own items. Either way, as a Owner or Landlord, you have the hassle of disposing of it in an environmentally responsible and legal way.

That’s where Dun N Dusted comes in. We have been helping Landlords and Solicitors clear out bin stores and back yards for over 10+ years. We offer a thoroughly professional service and a quick turnaround. We also dispose of all items at fully licensed disposal sites and recycling sites.

If you are a Landlord or Property Owner in need of our service email us or call us 01915811004 ) Durham) 07955558563 (Sunderland ).

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